Welcome to Manifesting M.E. Wellness

Manifesting M.E. Wellness is dedicated to providing access to holistic healing for marginalized communities through yoga, Reiki, art therapy, transpersonal & metaphysical psychology, holistic nutrition, and hormone wellness counseling.  We welcome and honor all expressions of gender, sexuality, and all body types from all circumstances of life as we believe everyone deserves wellness.

Are you looking to begin your holistic Mental and Emotional healing journey?
Do you want to learn more about holistic healing techniques?
Or are you a Black holistic mental health practitioner?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you have come to the right place! 

We are here to support individuals and communities on their journey towards Mental and Emotional wellness and provide additional support to practitioners of the African Diaspora who are doing holistic mental health work in the community.

Community Acknowledgment

Katrina Long provided a trauma-informed yoga class for a conference I was hosting and it was simply amazing! As an organizer, working with her to organize the session was so easy and participants were positively impacted by her session. Manifesting M.E. Wellness and Katrina are phenomenal.Pearis BellamyJuly 21, 2021
I’ve been working with Katrina for reiki for the last few months and Ive been sleeping SO WELL after our last few sessions ! 💜 She is so gifted at her workI look forward to becoming a therapist in some form after my MSW and following in her footsteps! Thanks for helping me with the throat chakra and how to nurture it 🙂 She really helped me and my mom. I'm taking a break from email today!!! For school. Love her so much!!! And I definitely wanna keep working with her weekly! She is helping me slow down!!! Keep being amazing dear!!! ❤️💜🌈✌🏾Marguerite Alexis FerreraJune 1, 2020
I felt incredibly comfortable during my reiki session. Katrina was accommodating and welcoming. I would highly recommend this service.Ashanique NelsonMay 5, 2020
I've been a long-time client of Ms. Long's for some time now and continue to return as her work is both healing and affirming to my journey towards healing. I'll review several of the services I've received: 1. Yoga therapy- For these sessions, we journeyed through my mental health and body, clearing out the trauma through her guidance. I was really pleased with these sessions as it was our first journey together. She guided me to return to my body wholly and gave me easy tools to continue to practice on my own once our sessions were done. 2. Reiki Sessions- Reiki with Katrina was enlightening, and I highly recommend these services. I was nervous about getting reiki done as I've never had a session done in person, but she made me feel comfortable and safe. During these sessions, she mirrored for me some issues about my spiritual health and ways to resolve them. I felt very informed and confident about going back out into the world. 3. Women's Circle - I love the women's circle with Katrina. Here she carefully curates topics that are relevant to me right now. These spaces make me feel heard, seen, and supported! I highly recommend attending. I always leave with a full heart.Maria Teresa CarmierOctober 29, 2019
Katrina’s holistic approach to mental health and wellness is what led me to reach out to her. She facilitated a yoga based mental health community retreat with me and all the participants loved it. Some had never experienced yoga before but she was able to adjust her approach to meet people at their appropriate level. She set a tone of authenticity, self reflection, and relaxation that allowed the women at the retreat to get in touch with their body through mindful based yoga and make the mind/body connection. I would definitely work with her again and recommend her services!Akilah ROctober 13, 2019
I can’t say enough about how great it was to work with Katrina. Super interesting content, engaging speaker, an expert, but still relatable. Our attendees loved her, stayed engaged and continued to discuss the content of her workshop after the presentation. Katrina is high energy and presents unique ideas for women of color to take care of themselves and real life examples that left our attendees inspired. Katrina really set the bar for our next workshop and we look forward to working with her in the future.NIA EL-AMINOctober 6, 2019