Akua Agyen

Associate Clinical Social Worker (ASW#113786)
Supervised by Katrina Long, LCSW

Life is full of friction – within ourselves, between us and others, our present and our past, or our work and our wellbeing. Sometimes, this friction is generative; at other times, it is accompanied by stress, sadness, isolation, self-doubt, shame, guilt, hurt, or numbness that is difficult to manage. As your therapist, I am here to support you as you try to move through it all.  I offer therapy to individuals who experience disconnection from themselves, disconnection from their communities, and to those who are navigating trauma. Therapy with me is collaborative, curious, embodied, and slow. My counseling approach draws from healing justice, disability justice, intersectionality, and anticolonial frameworks. 

Together, we will explore your life’s stories through mindfulness and attention to your body. We will map connections and disconnections in your life and explore how and where you can re/connect the dots. Using holistic practices and resources from me, your communities, your ancestral lineages, and within yourself, we will work together to support you to meet life’s challenges.

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