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Masks Off: Reclaiming the Strong Black Woman Wellness Brunch & Retreat

Masks Off is a wellness brunch and retreat curated by SBW Wellness Collaborative and hosted at LA Creat Space (A black-owned co-working space in Inglewood).

This event was intended to cultivate a safe space for Black women to talk about strength– what strength means, when they feel strong, and ways to foster strength in their lives.  With the mission of encouraging self-care and a holistic approach to health and wellness among Black women. The retreat encouraged vulnerability, community support, and emphasized the role of self-care for living healthy, whole, and successful lives.

During the event, attendees engaged in 3 breakout sessions to explore self-care for the body, mind, and spirit.  I had the honor of leading the body breakout session where we explored gentle movement, created affirmations for our bodies, and expressed gratitude to our bodies for all the ways they provide for us.

After the breakout sessions, I was also able to engage with participants to share our products & services.  Our Good Night and Stress-Free Roll-Ons were a big hit!


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