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Akua is Accepting New Clients!


Akua is Accepting New Clients!

Our newest holistic therapist, Akua is accepting new clients! Akua joined our team this summer & and she is AMAZING!! She offers therapy services to individuals who experience a disconnect from themselves, their communities, and those navigating trauma. When you are in your session with Akua you will find her approach is more collaborative, curious, embodied, and slow.

Maybe this is the sign you’ve been looking for to start your therapy journey. Book a FREE consultation with Akua through the services tab on our website TODAY!

Get to Know Akua!

Akua Agyen ( she/her)

Holistic Therapist

Area of focus Family Systems Identity Exploration & Development Queer Identity Issues Racial Identity Issues Trauma & PTSD (incidental, developmental, intergenerational & systemic) Vicarious Trauma for Helpers

Client Focus

Queer, transgender, & non-binary BIPOC 1st or 2nd generation Immigrants or third-culture individuals Helping professionals & and social service workers Sexual assault and intimate partner violence survivors Social justice workers & and community organizers


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