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Day 11: 13 Day Mind, Body, Soul Cleanse

We are quickly approaching the end of our 13 day cleanse. Hope everyone is doing well with the tips we have discussed thus far. If you are a bit behind, check out yesterday’s yoga pose for cleansing here.


The tip for day 11 is to create.

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Meet Our Founder

It’s #NationalPsychotherapyDay (yup! there’s a day for therapist too!)

Today we want to reintroduce our Founder, Katrina Long, and highlight all the work she does in the field of mental health!

Katrina Long, MSW is an international, holistic healing arts therapist, Reiki practitioner, trauma-informed yoga teacher and hormonal wellness coach.  She is a speaker on holistic mental health, mental health in communities of color and practitioner burnout.  Katrina is the founder of Manifesting M.E. Wellness, Actualize Your Healing community and the Black Holistic Mental Health Practitioners community.

Self Practice: utilizing the healing power of yoga for self healing

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