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2021 Reiki Updates

Hey Family!

We have a number of changes happening to our services for the new year.  Here are the upcoming changes for Reiki services…

First thing first…in an effort to continue to keep everyone safe and minimize contact for myself (especially during flu season) since the office doesn’t have great air circulation, all Reiki services will continue to be distant only until further notice.

Thank you all for your patience and support as we continue rolling with the times.

Now for some more interesting changes…

2020 has been an incredibly spiritual year for me and provided opportunities for me to complete additional training including Kemetic Reiki, Ancestor & ritual work, essential oils/essences, crystal healing, charka/aritu balancing, aura cleansing & Tapping.  With that, I’ve been troubleshooting changes to sessions & guidance with clients in the last few months.

What to expect for 2021 distant sessions:

  • Longer sessions: Distant sessions will increase from 30 minutes to 45 minutes to resemble the in-person format.  This means more time for coaching or healing as you see fit!
  • Pricing changes: Session prices will increase to $45 on February 1, 2021 to reflect the increased time.  Bundles will continue to be available & provide a discount of $5 off per session.
  • New & more holistic recommendations & rituals: With all this new knowledge under my belt I’m excited to provide more holistic insight & a more ritualistic experience for healing during your sessions.  Those who have had session during Fall 2020, have experienced some of these new shifts and the feedback has been great so I’m excited to share them with everyone!
  • New scheduling system: Beginning January 1, I will no longer use Calendly to schedule appointments.  Our new scheduling platform will help me to keep better notes regarding sessions so we can more easily pick up where we last left off since our last session. If you still have sessions available in a bundle, the new link will go out in your next email reminder however if you are interested in scheduling sooner please email to obtain the link.
Note: pricing changes go into effect on February 1, 2021. In the meantime, you can purchase unlimited sessions at the current price.  This counts for Reiki bundles as well, however, keep in mind that bundles expire 4 months after purchase.  Individual sessions have no expiration date.
Keeping Reiki Accessible…As always, my goal is to keep healing practices as accessible as possible for the community.  That being said, I know the change in pricing might make regular sessions less accessible for some, especially those financially impacted by the chaos of 2020.

In an effort to continue to make Reiki healing accessible to the community, Manifesting M.E. Wellness will be offering the following options beginning 2021:

  • Distant Reiki Healing Circles: These circles are designed to be donation-based group Reiki sessions offered virtually for the BIPOC collective.
  • Pay What You Can Reiki Giveaways: These will be opportunities to win a Pay What You Can Individual Reiki Session.  Giveaways will be announced via email & socials.
Further information about these opportunities will be announced in the new year.  Join our email list to hear about them first!

Have a safe and peaceful holiday season.  I look forward to continuing to assist you in your healing journey in the new year!

Keep Manifesting,


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