Day 4: 13 Day Mind, Body, Soul Cleanse

Did you miss yesterday’s tip: boundary setting as a soul cleansing practice? If so, be sure to check it out. Day 4’s cleansing tip is self-massage. Setting aside time each day or even once a week to give yourself a full body massage with warm oil is great for your body both externally and internally.

Day 3: 13 Day Mind, Body, Soul Cleanse

Day 3, y’all ready? So far we have talked about drinking warm lemon water to cleanse the body and alternate nostril breathing to cleanse the mind but today we will talk about a cleansing practice for your soul…setting boundaries. I identify setting boundaries in your relationships as a serious soul cleansing practice because it will […]

International Pronouns Day

Today, October 17, 2018 we are presented with an opportunity to support another marginalized community through an amazing awareness day crowned International Pronouns Day.  I am happy to announce that Manifesting M.E. Wellness is among many other organizations to endorse the day.

To Love Does Not Mean To Endure Abuse

Recently I’ve seen variations of the following image making its rounds on social media: It has taken the form of different memes with different wording but the general message is the same…The ride-or-die woman who endures the abuse of her spouse will be rewarded with love and marriage and the woman who leaves does not […]