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[Therapist Thought Thursday] Black Children & Suicide + National Children’s Mental Health Day

In honor of National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day let’s talk about the increase in suicide rates for black children.

Lately you may have noticed an influx in headlines regarding the increase in suicides among black children, especially black boys:

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Intersectionality: Hood Living & Corporate White America Working

I recently had a conversation about the experience of being a Person of Color (POC) who grew up in and still lives in the hood but who is now an adult working in corporate white America.  The culture shock can be jarring when you realize that gun violence, police brutality, and broken homes caused by trauma aren’t commonplace.  It wakes you up to your reality.  It can cause you to see life in a whole new light. It is often the moment that brings us to the realization that we have become desensitized and numb.  It is sometimes the wake-up call that allows us to see our own persistent trauma and depression. Continue reading “Intersectionality: Hood Living & Corporate White America Working”

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Mental Health & Work Accomodations #WorldMentalHealthDay

Today is World Mental Health Day.  A day, according to World Health Organization, created

“with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.”

This year the focus is on mental health in the work place.  And on that note I would like to share my journey with obtaining accommodations at work. Continue reading “Mental Health & Work Accomodations #WorldMentalHealthDay”