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Balancing The Body’s Energy Centers: Chakras and Reiki Healing

In the Yogic & Eastern Spiritual Traditions as well as Kemetic Spiritual Systems, Chakras/Aritu are thought to be the spinning wheels of energy located along the spine. In this video, you will hear one of my long-time regular clients talk about her experience in a Reiki healing session.

Understanding Chakras/Aritu:

There are seven main Chakras/Aritu, each is associated with specific physical and emotional aspects of our overall being. These energy centers are believed to influence everything from our sense of security to our ability to communicate and connect with higher states of consciousness.

Integration with Reiki/Energy Healing:

Energy healing practitioners often incorporate the principles of Chakra/Aritu balancing into their sessions. The idea is to ensure that life energy flows freely through these energy centers, promoting an overall sense of harmony within the individual.

  1. Root Chakra- Associated with grounding, stability and security
  2. Sacral Chakra- Associated with creativity, passion and sexuality
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra- Associated with personal power and confidence
  4. Heart Chakra-Associated with love, compassion and connection
  5. Throat Chakra- Associated with communication and self-expression
  6.  Third Eye Chakra- Associated with intuition and insight
  7. Crown Chakra- Associated with spiritual connection and enlightenment

Closing Thoughts:

The integration of Chakra/Aritu balancing into energy healing adds a nuanced layer to the healing process. By addressing the subtle energy centers within the body, practitioners aim to harmonize the flow of life energy by fostering a sense of balance and well-being on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. As individuals explore the realms of energy healing, the synergy between healing and chakra work continues to offer a holistic path toward self-discovery and optimal health.

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