Care for the Culture: Travel and Mental Health

  Kali and Kala are talking about travel yall! Getting out of your comfort zone can do so much for you mental and emotional health and is a great way to practice being present. Tell us about your travel experiences…where have you been? OR where is somewhere you dream of going? _____ Katrina aka Kali […]


Hey fam! It’s the first official episode of Care for the Culture!! I hope you’re as pumped for this new chapter as we are. And what better way to kick it off than with Kala and Kali discussing Simone Biles’s (Black woman & GOAT gold winning gymnast) decision to choose her mental health over social […]

Mental Health Monday: June Check-in

Happy Summer Family! New things are on the horizon🤩 Kala & I realized during our live that we are approaching our 1 year anniversary of starting our live chats. In honor of our launch in July 2020 we discussed the importance of minority mental health & our expansion to podcast forum. Yall spoke & we […]

Mental Health Monday: Perfectionism

We’ve got another mental health Monday for y’all today!!🤩 This month we’re talking about perfectionism. Anyone else a recovering perfectionist? 🙋🏽‍♀️🤫 Don’t worry, we accept you just the way you are! Join us on IG the last Monday of every month for our Mental Health Monday live chats with Kali @healerkali and Kala @benditlikelacy. They get into the […]

Mental Health Monday: People Pleasing (3/29/21)

We’ve all been there: feeling burnt out and exhausted, but still feeling the need to make decisions to please others, even our own expense. Hear some encouraging words from Kali and Kala on how to approach setting healing boundaries and how we can choose ourselves as an act of love. We can’t pour from an […]

Mental Health Monday: Coping with 2020 (10/29/20)

YIKES! The general election results definitely have Katrina and Kala feeling like it’s spooky season. Tap in to this video to explore ways of coping through the election, the feels, and the fact that 2020 might just be the start of an already challenging journey. Thank goodness for community!

Mental Health Monday: Checking in with the Community (9/28/20)

Back again for another monthly check-in with Katrina and Kala! Processing in the community during this time is so needed and appreciated and we want to know how everyone is holding up. You can find the Protect Black Children Hoodie here: You can also check out their Instagram at this link:

Mental Health Monday: Transformative Justice for Black Women (8/31/20)

We’re back ya’ll! Tune into this video to see Katrina and Kala kick off their monthly conversation on community wellness by discussing the elephant in the room: Black women are unprotected and unheard. What does care look like when harm has occurred? What possibility does transformative justice provide us?

Minority Mental Health Month: Prioritizing Mental Health (7/01/20)

Starting off Minority Mental Health Month right with discussions of our own personal experiences with mental health this month and potential topics for the future! There’s a lot going on in the month of July and it can be easy to be carried away with the stress of it all, so it’s important that we […]