Consultation & Training

Manifesting M.E. Wellness provides consultation and training to professionals in mental health, social service, social work, wellness, yoga and other related fields. Our mission is to help you better serve your communities by expanding your knowledge of holistic mental health, hormonal health and trauma-informed care.


Consultation is a one on one or small group (maximum of 10 professionals) offering provided to professionals seeking to expand their case conceptualization and intervention options. Consultation is booked in 3 month increments and may include some or all of the following:

  • Case conceptualization from a holistic perspective
  • Nutritional considerations for mental health
  • Case conceptualization from a metaphysical perspective
  • Hormone considerations for mental health
  • Trauma-Informed interventions & considerations
  • Expressive art therapy interventions & considerations


Suggested Training Topics:

  • Treating Mental Health from a Holistic Perspective
  • Hormones and Mental Health
  • Treating Mental Health in Marginalized Communities
  • Trauma-Informed Mental Health Care
  • Trauma-Informed Yoga
  • Yoga and Mental Health

Do you have other topics in mind?  Please contact us with your ideas.