Hormone Counseling

Hormone Wellness Counseling is designed to provide holistic guidance on your journey to hormone balance and total wellness.  This is not therapy but rather a comprehensive coaching protocol to improve hormonal balance from a mind, body, soul approach.

Common symptoms/diagnoses of participants:

  • Anxiety or Depression (especially if it cycles with menstrual cycle)
  • Life disrupting PMS (bloating, cramping, mood swings, insomnia)
  • PMS symptoms that begin or last beyond week of cycle
  • Painful cramping
  • Hormonal acne
  • Missing or irregular cycles
  • Heavy or long cycles
  • Fibroids
  • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

While an official diagnosis can be helpful in understanding your symptoms, a diagnosis is not necessary for counseling.  In fact, counseling will include guidance for identifying potential causes of symptoms as well as tests to request and questions to ask medical professionals and mental health professionals for diagnostic clarity.

Mind, Body, Soul approach includes guidance on:

  • Talking to medical and mental health professionals to obtain appropriate diagnosis
  • Nutrition and supplements for symptom relief
  • Creating a nontoxic lifestyle to decrease symptoms
  • Stress management
  • Identifying triggers to symptoms
  • Spiritual self-care practices
  • Techniques to enhance connection to feminity & sensuality
  • Interventions for managing mental & emotional symptoms
  • Soul-centered practices to enhance divine feminine connection

Most hormone protocols provide coaching that is strictly focused on the body (how to talk to your doctor and revamp your diet to heal your PMS).  There are a few other programs out there that also focus on the mind (managing anxiety, depression, mood swings, and other mental health concerns)However, the addition of soul-centered healing practices makes this protocol unique.

The Manifesting M.E. Wellness philosophy is that all dis-ease begins at the soul level when we are living out of alignment.  If we ignore the signs on a soul level, it will manifest in disorders of the mind and body as a way to force us to pay attention and make adjustments.  Your healing journey begins with managing the symptoms of the body and mind.  After all, they are the reason you found this program in the first place!  Once the body and mind care plans are in motion, the next step will be identifying the symptoms of dis-ease at the soul level.  This is where the real hefty work begins!

Did you know many menstrual disorders are created from disconnection from divine feminine energy, sacral chakra imbalances and loss of creativity?  Without acknowledging and treating these core causes, symptoms will continue to relapse and cause disruptions.  That’s why this final step in the protocol is so important!

You will walk away with:

  • Knowledge of hormone, menstrual cycle, and womb health
  • Dietary recommendations to maintain hormonal balance
  • Better quality of life
  • Less disruptive cycles
  • Understanding of personal triggers & interventions
  • Information on discussing symptoms with medical and mental health professionals
  • Holistic self-care plan to keep feminine energy in balance
  • Enhanced love for all things feminine: womb, sensuality, menstrual cycle
  • Greater appreciation for your body & menstrual cycle

You are a good fit for the program if:

  • You have been suffering with symptoms for a while and are ready for a change
  • You are experiencing new symptoms
  • You are fed up with traditional western approaches
  • You prefer holistic approaches
  • You have not had much luck with western medicine treatments
  • You are looking for complementary treatments to enhance current traditional treatments
  • You have lost connection with your feminine body and spirit
  • You feel disconnected from your creativity, intuition, womb or soul
  • You are often hustling and under stress
  • You are interested in or open to metaphysical, chakra, and shadow work

As always, Manifesting M.E. Wellness prides itself on creating programs with people of color and queer folx in mind.  Women, womxn, or queer people of color who menstruate will receive priority!

We are not currently accepting new client applications.  New client counseling slots will open in 2019.  Please check back soon or contact us here to let us know you’re interested and we will contact you when new slots open up.