2018 Events

Event flyer reading: Let's Love Let's Heal. Freedom and Soul Healing December Healing Circle. In honor of the new moon to set intentions, release, and manifest. Location: South LA, Text Marguerite at 323-481-5718 for the address. Saturday, December 8, 2018, 6-9pm. Dr. Farid Zarif, Naturopathic Doctor, PhD, founder of Rhythm Fitness Diet and Percussionist. Marguerite Alexis Ferrera, Founder of Freedom and Soul Healing, Musical Artisit + Reikie + Mental Wellness Advocate. Katrina Long, Founder of Manifesting M.E. Wellnes, Yoga instructor + Reiki Practitioner. What to expect: A reflective night of live music, restorative yoga, reiki healing, food, community, and love. Suggested Donation: $10, All are welcome.
Let's Love Let's Heal
Full Moon Flow
Shifting Negative Emotions 21 Day Challenge
Minority Mental Health Awareness Month IG Campaign & Yoga Challenge 2018
Wellness University
3pm Yoga with Katrina
Panel: Mental Health in
Communities of Color
Facebook Live with Beyond the Busyness:
Soul Restoration & Burnout
Reflect + Restore