Energy Services

Can’t decide between a reiki healing & an energy integration session?

Reiki is a slower healing modality that works on a deeper level. This is great for long-term healing or healing of deeper mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual concerns, especially if there is trauma involved. It is also a great add-on to ongoing services like psychotherapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, etc. Reiki is intuitive & goes where it is needed while providing the receiver gentle healing of deeper concerns that may take more time. Recommended frequency: weekly – every 21 days

Energy integration is practitioner-led & helps to bring overall balance quickly. Energy integration is great for quick tune-ups when feeling out of sorts. This can be useful for occasional pick me ups especially after a time of imbalance like a stressful week/month, brief illness, or a break from a typical self-care routine. This is not intended for deeper healing as the energy centers will continue to return to an imbalanced state until the deeper wound is healed. Recommended frequency: monthly – quarterly, or as needed

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