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My Reflections After 1 year of Entrepreneurship

Let me tell yall a story…

So, 1 year ago yesterday was my last day in a very toxic work environment.  I had been working as a therapist in community mental health for several years and at that specific job for about 2 years.  We had been short-staffed for far too long and underpaid, overworked and burnt out long before I dropped my 2 week notice.

Here’s how it went down…They told me one day that the cases I was supposed to transfer to decrease my large caseload were no longer going to be transferred because someone had dropped the ball and as usual I was left to pick up the pieces.  No more than a week later, my menstrual cycle started and I woke up thinking “I’m not going to work today” (a normal thought for days 1 and 2 of my cycle) which quickly turned into “I’m just going to quit”.   Everything in me was ready to call in and quit on the spot but for the sake of my clients and my sanity I waited.  I had a vacation coming up and felt like I needed to do it before vacation because I’d probably struggle to come back after vacation anyways so within a week I submitted my 2.5 week notice with no warning and a year ago today was my 1st day as nobody’s employee!

Within a month of quitting I vacationed for a week on an all expenses paid trip to Mexico, moved into a new home (cheaper rent, more space, yard, family nearby etc), released my business logo and website, was on my first mental health panel and spent time in Haiti to doing art therapy.

My dreams were coming alive right before my eyes!!!

Now of course, the journey hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows.   For 6-9 months most of my bills were paid off my savings.  There were a few months in that time where I had less than a couple hundred dollars coming in.  And days where I thought I’d have to go back to being an employee just for the sake of my sanity but here I am a year later still standing on my own two feet and thriving!

Here’s are a few of my reflections from this time…

  • TRUST! Trust yourself, trust your intuition, trust the journey!
  • Your fears are real but no more real than your dreams and your ability to achieve them
  • Call on your support team!  Your gang is stronger than sometimes you give them credit for and you need them, reach out!
  • LET GO! When you start to get the feeling that something is no longer serving you, let it go!  Don’t wait!  Don’t ruminate on it!  There’s bigger, better and more beautiful opportunities waiting for you to make room to take hold of them!  You can’t reach for new things if you’re busy holding on to the old ones.
  • REST!  Take time for your family and friends.  Make time for yourself and always prioritize taking a break before it becomes necessary.
  • You are not an imposter! You are a beautiful being with so much light, love and knowledge to share with the world.
  • Your strength is in your story!  Everybody goes through shit and heals. You never know how your story will inspire others. Share it.

Here’s to one year of making my passion my reality and many more to come!  Cheers to another year of going HAM (healing, actualizing, and manifesting)!

Keep Manifesting,


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