Manifesting Sisterhood

“On my personal journey for growth, I found myself looking for a circle of motivated women to support and share my process with.  During my search for such a group, I constantly found myself faced with predominantly white circles.  These spaces offered the support I was looking for however still left me feeling isolated.  I realized something was missing…other women of color.  I could not find a space marketed specifically to women of color, so I created one…” -Katrina

Manifesting Sisterhood is a monthly self-care circle for women-identified people of color. The intention is to cultivate love, support, healing, and holistic wellness through a monthly circle devoted to providing a safe space to celebrate, empower, uplift, and inspire one another in all our divine feminine magic!

Monthly topics are related to the experiences of being womxn of color and tailored to the changing needs of the group and the community.

April: Pandemic Check-In
June: Affirmation Vision Boards
September: Brunch
December: Vision Boards

Have an idea for a circle topic: Let us know!

Previous topics/events include:
Reaffirming Your Vision
Vision Board Creation
Celebrating Femininity
Self Care
Letting Go Of Fear
Self Love
Holistic Remedies for Anxiety & Stress
Holistic Remedies for Depressive Symptoms

In response to the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Order in California
we will be bringing the circle online beginning April 2020

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