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Moon Cycle Monday: Embrace Feminine Energy for a Healthy Cycle

[Moon Cycle Monday] Embrace Divine Feminine Energy

Happy Monday yall!

Last week for Moon Cycle Monday we discussed the connection between your menstrual cycle and the cycles of the moon.

Moon Cycle Monday: Embrace Feminine Energy for a Healthy Cycle

This week we continue the conversation with a discussion on feminine energy.

Contrary to what many may believe, energy is not based on gender or identified sex. In fact, we are all made up of both feminine and masculine energy (think yin and yang).  These two energies, although opposites, must live in harmony within our lives in order for us to achieve overall wellness.  Both are necessary and have their place but an imbalance in one direction can cause chaos and even illness.

Feminine energy is associated with the moon/nighttime and is about receiving, intuition, going with the flow, play, self expression, creativity, emotions, and pleasure.  This is the energy we use to give birth to new ideas (and babies) and nurture ourselves while our masculine energy is used to execute ideas and power through trying times.

 6 holistic remedies for PMS

6 holistic remedies for PMS

Masculine energy is associated with the sun/daytime and is about giving, routine, logic, goal orientated focus, structure, and assertiveness. If this isn’t the epitome of corporate America then I don’t know what is.  Our current society is very masculine dominant.  We operate like robots, working all the time on a schedule without slowing down to tap into our feminine energy, often suppressing and denying it if it does try to come up.  This masculine dominance has convinced us that our cycles are inconvenient, gross, and something to be ignored and hidden.  What if instead you gave yourself the permission to slow down as your cycle approaches?

Embrace Feminine Energy for Healing

From a metaphysical and holistic standpoint, the consistent suppression of our feminine energy and masculine dominance can create PMS, hormone imbalances and menstruation related disorders in menstruating bodies.  Given that our menstrual cycles are the beginning of the process of creating life it would make sense that we need to slow down and tend to our bodies in order to fulfill this goal.

What if you gave yourself the permission to slow down as your cycle approaches? 

Instead of fighting what your body needs by pushing through, popping pain pills & even getting upset with the process of your cycle, you simply allow whatever needs to happen and honor it by giving your body what it needs.  The idea is that if we can connect to our feminine energy to balance out the masculine energy we can begin to find hormonal balance.  This is the foundation of our Hormone Wellness Counseling program and my own hormonal journey.

The beginning of this process is of course getting connected to your cycle.  Take note of what changes happen in your physical and emotional bodies around your cycle and begin the work to honor what your cycle is trying to tell you.  Use our Hormone + Mood Tracker to help you get started with this process.

Keep Manifesting,


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