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Day 5: 13 Day Mind, Body, Soul Cleanse

I hope ya’ll enjoyed yesterday’s discussion about self-massage!  If you missed it check it out here.

Today’s mind cleansing tip is journaling.

Our brains are always on and we often don’t realize the amount of information they collect.  In addition, we don’t typically take the time to sort through it all and make sense of it.

This can cause us to feel overwhelmed, confused, frustrated, indecisive or just out of sorts.  Due to the fast-paced lives, we are so entrenched in, sometimes we may not even notice our thought patterns or feelings but instead, simply grow exhausted and worn out.

Cleansing the mind is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle but can often be a forgotten piece in our wellness journeys.  Journaling is a simple but powerful way to work through negative thought patterns, immobilizing emotions (anything that makes you feel stuck), difficult conversations, and shame.

Creating a daily journaling ritual helps to increase creativity, decrease anxiety, lessen the effects of stress, prevent burnout (exhaustion from stress), improve sleep patterns, process difficult emotions or traumas, increase gratitude, improve memory, enhance clarity, and accelerate manifestation of goals.

What should you journal about?  ANYTHING.  EVERYTHING.  Seriously!  It does not have to be complicated, thought out or even make sense, just write.

Did an event happen this week that you have been mulling over? Write through it.

Are you feeling angry, sad, excited about something?  Write about it.

Do you have a project you’ve been struggling to complete?  Write it down.

Is there a new idea you haven’t had time to completely think through?  Write it out.

Have something you need to say to someone?  Write a letter (you don’t have to send it).


Or try this free writing exercise:

  • Find a journal or piece of paper and your favorite writing utensil
  • Grab a drink (tea, water, smoothie, wine…I’m partial to wine smoothies ????)
  • Find a quiet space (bed, bathtub, nature, car) where you can sit comfortably
  • Clear the immediate space of any clutter (it’ll help your mind focus)
  • Put your phone on silent or simply turn it off
  • Set the mood:
    • Turn on some tunes…or if you are anything like me and find you HAVE to dance and sing to a good song maybe try…meditation or spa music, nature sounds or allow the silence
    • Diffuse your favorite essential oils (Some of my favorite combos are: Peppermint & Lemon for alertness and focus, Lavender & Frankincense for relaxation and stress relief, or Citrus Fresh & Panaway for uplifting and banishing negative emotions)
  • Sit and focus on your breath for a minute or two to clear your mind
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes.  I like to put it where I can’t see it so I don’t just sit and stare at it
  • WRITE!  Don’t think about it, just write.  Write for the entire 10 minutes without picking up your pen.  Doesn’t matter what ends up on the paper or if it makes sense.  Don’t judge it and don’t force it.  Just start writing and see what happens.

Initially, it may be uncomfortable but regular practice will make it less so, just stick with it.  There are days when I’ve done this and I literally wrote my name or “just write keep writing don’t stop writing” over and over.  Some days you may have a lot to say, some days you may just write random words.  That’s okay!  You’ll still reap the benefits and that’s what’s important.

Do you keep a journal and/or have favorite journaling prompts?  Share them with me in the Actualize Your Healing Facebook group.

In Perfect Love,

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