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Day 10: 13 Day Mind, Body, Soul Cleanse

How did you do with starting your decluttering process after yesterday’s blog?  Remember to take it slow.  Every little bit counts!


Day 10 is here and today we will do more yoga!

As y’all can probably already tell, I’m all about yoga.  There are so many great benefits and it doesn’t have to look like the really intense backbends, full splits and handstands we often see on social media.  Yes, that stuff is cool too and can be beneficial but I’m all about the healing and restorative poses.

Regardless of your level of flexibility or strength, everyone can benefit from a gentle restorative pose.  Today’s pose is just that.

Legs up the wall pose (I don’t know if that’s the official English name, but that’s the only way I’ve heard it stated so that’s what I’m sticking with) helps your body to clear out lymph by speeding up its movement towards the heart for cleansing.  It also improves digestion and blood flow which we know are both hugely important to our cleansing process.

This pose is also great for lowering stress levels, improving headaches and decreasing swelling in lower extremities.

Here’s how it is done:

  • Find open floor space where you can lay with your feet against the wall
  • Create a calming environment within that space.  This can include decluttering, smudging, turning on relaxing music, turning down the lights, and even diffusing essential oils (the premium starter kit includes a number of my favorites + a diffuser for a really good deal)
  • Sit on the floor with one side of your body touching the wall


  • Rotate front of your body towards the wall while leaning back (use hands and elbows behind you for balance) and sweeping your legs up on the wall


  • Scoot closer to the wall once settled, if necessary and comfortable
  • Straighten legs
  • Place your arms wherever comfortable (by your sides, in a “T” shape, one hand on chest one on the belly, or my personal favorite…cactus: arms out in “T” shape with elbows bent fingers pointing up towards the head)


  • Pull shoulders down away from ears and allow shoulders to relax into the floor to create space in neck and chest
  • BREATHE: through your nose, lips closed and jaw relaxed.  Try inhaling and exhaling for 5 counts each
  • Rest here for 3-5 minutes

To increase the inversion in this pose, and maybe even add extra comfort, you can add a pillow or folded blanket underneath the lower back.

Add this towards the end of your yoga practice, after revolving abdomen pose to encourage all the toxins that were loosened up during your practice to flow towards the heart more swiftly for cleansing.

Try this out and join the conversation in the Actualize Your Healing Facebook group.

Keep Manifesting,

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