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Day 1: 13 Day Mind, Body, Soul Cleanse

Day 1 of our cleanse begins with a simple but powerful technique to assist with cleansing…warm lemon water. I’m sure many of you have heard how beneficial warm lemon water is for your body but let’s explore this technique in more detail.

WATER. We know it is good for us. Our bodies are made up of mostly water and therefore our functioning is dependent on replenishing the water in our bodies but even still so many of us (and I really mean US, because I’m the worst at drinking water…I’m working on it!) are walking around dehydrated.


Do you REALLY know what water does? The simple act of drinking water increases energy, promotes weight loss, flushes out toxins, clears skin, boosts the immune system, encourages bowel regularity, fuels muscles, improves concentration and can even improve mood.

Drinking warm water supercharges the benefits of water as it helps break down food more quickly, calms and soothes the muscles by increasing blood flow, increases body temperature which improves metabolism, breaks down mucous and other lymph in the body, calms the nervous system (bye bye stress), and improves hair health.

Truth be told just simply drinking more warm water will help to cleanse your body in a number of ways but when we add ingredients like lemon we increase the benefits.


Lemon has many of the same benefits as water: improves digestion especially of fats, clears skin, assists in draining lymph from the body, increases bowel regularity, and increases weight loss but that’s not all. Lemon also increases vitamin C, freshens breath, balances PH, fights cancer, decreases inflammation, encourages liver detoxification, fights allergies, decreases yeast, and improves mood.

I think y’all get the point, but why is warm lemon water particularly important during seasonal transitions? As we transition into new seasons it is common for us to get sick from increased lymph that has collected in our bodies during cooler months. Lymph transports proteins to our bloodstream and bacteria to our lymph nodes to be destroyed. However, excess lymph causes illness.

Starting every day with a cup of warm lemon water helps your body to clear out excess lymph.

What is the best way to do this? Doesn’t have to be complicated, simply squeeze half to a whole lemon into warm water and drink. Throw the sliced lemon in there, peel still intact, for an additional boost.  Don’t have access to lemons at work or during travel?  Try carrying Lemon Essential Oil.  Just add a few drops to your water and you’re good to go!

Try drinking warm lemon water to start or end your day.  What differences do you notice in your body?  (Pay particular attention to your mood and digestion).  Join the discussion in the Actualize Your Healing Facebook group to share your experience.

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Check out this cleansing breath technique for Day 2.


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