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How To Balance Your Hormones By Balancing Your Energy

Check out our Founder, Katrina Long, in her interview on the Afro Qi Podcast discussing the con

nection between energy and hormones and the importance of balancing hormones for Black women.

Listen to the full episode here

Want to work on balancing your hormones and energy?

Manifesting M.E. Wellness, The Period Chronicles

NEW & Improved Hormone + Mood Tracker

With so much stress and uncertainty going around this is a great time to check in on getting back to basics.  This allows us to keep our foundation strong and move through challenging times with more strength and courage.

With that in mind, have you been tracking your cycle lately?

Stress can take a toll on our mood and hormone levels, causing changes in our menstrual cycle, PMS, and mental health.  Tracking your cycle and moods can help you to recognize if things are beginning to shift so you can put more time and energy towards healing and bringing in balance.

To help you in this process, we’re excited to present to you the new and improved Hormone + Moon Tracker!
The tracker was revamped to enhance the experience of connecting more closely to divine feminine energy and womb health and embracing the energy of the moon and your moon cycle (be sure to read the blog to learn why this is important).

Here’s what’s new:
  • Each tracker begins at the new moon each month
  • Customized monthly download
  • Includes moon phases for the month
  • Additional space for mood
Download yours free now to begin your journey with today’s April New Moon!
Moon Cycle Monday: Embrace Feminine Energy for a Healthy Cycle
The Period Chronicles

[Moon Cycle Monday] Embrace Divine Feminine Energy

Happy Monday yall!

Last week for Moon Cycle Monday we discussed the connection between your menstrual cycle and the cycles of the moon.

Moon Cycle Monday: Embrace Feminine Energy for a Healthy Cycle

This week we continue the conversation with a discussion on feminine energy.

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Manifesting M.E. Wellness, The Period Chronicles

[Moon Cycle Monday] Menstrual Cycle & Moon Connection

Today is our very first Moon Cycle Monday: Our weekly chat on everything hormone & menstruation related.

Many of you may be wondering why Moon Cycle Monday vs Menstruation or Menstrual Cycle Monday (all of which were in the running for potential names by the way).  Of course there is a method to the madness and today’s discussion on the connection between the menstrual cycle and the moon should shed some light.

So let’s dive in…

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The Period Chronicles

The Cyster Chronicles Teal Magazine: September 2018

As mentioned in a recent blog about My PCOS Story, September was PCOS Awareness Month.

I took the month off for ‘summer vacation’ to relax and enjoy my birthday.  It was a much needed and appreciated break!  I was truly able to step away from the business side of things and enjoy myself without the pressures of deadlines, consistent social media posts, and creating content.  I spent time with family, rested, hung out with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and was able to focus on getting my house in order.  And when I tell yall it needed it…LISTEN!

Just when I thought it couldn’t have been any better… Continue reading “The Cyster Chronicles Teal Magazine: September 2018”

The Period Chronicles

My PCOS Story

Did ya’ll know September is PCOS Awareness Month?  (Also, my birthday month ????)

For this month’s Period Chronicles, I wanted to share more on my journey to hormonal wellness.

Hi, I’m Katrina.

To be quite honest, I don’t know exactly when I received the diagnosis of PCOS.

What I know is this…

I have had issues with my hormones since I hit puberty (around age 13). I have never had a regular menstrual cycle and from very early on, my cycle was painful and disruptive.  I often left school early or simply didn’t go because of excruciating cramps. Continue reading “My PCOS Story”

The Period Chronicles

Period Chronicles: July 2018 – 6 Holistic Remedies for PMS

Hey Hey Y’all!

Wednesday was the first day of my July visit with Aunty Flow.  Y’all know with all my hormonal stuff I get PMS pretty badly, well this time around it has not been too bad.  I didn’t have very many symptoms leading up to the first day, aside from spotting the night before-very lightly.  It took me by surprise because I had been feeling fine aside from the emotional dysregulation I had been in all month.

Ya y’all heard that right…NO SYMPTOMS!  Well…none that were significant enough that I thought it was about that time.  Very, very little bloating and some breast tenderness but so slight and only for a few days that I thought it was a fluke.  I have NO idea the last time that happened. Continue reading “Period Chronicles: July 2018 – 6 Holistic Remedies for PMS”

The Period Chronicles

Period Chronicles : Oct 2017 – May 2018

Hey yall-

I feel like it has been a long time since I wrote anything and especially anything on this particular subject.  For whatever reason, writing has just been a real challenge lately.  I have a few sitting in drafts that I need to get around to, including a blog on my recent work in Haiti but my brain isn’t there yet.

Anyways, I’m writing now because I feel like an update is in order! Continue reading “Period Chronicles : Oct 2017 – May 2018”

The Period Chronicles

Period Chronicles – Round 2, Month 3

As referenced in the About Me section – I’ve struggled with my menstrual cycle for many years.  Pretty much from the moment I started having a period it has been difficult and I wished it would just go away.  The amount of cramping I experienced was beyond anything I could’ve imagined.

I remember having one particularly bad cycle in jr high.  I was in my room, screaming, crying and pacing because…pain.  My mom, after the remedies we already had at home proved useless, decided she needed to run to the store for Midol.  When she told my dad, he promptly volunteered to go to the store for her.  Poor guy, he was out of his element (His mom was the only woman in his house growing up and I’m the first of his 3 girls so he was really new to this) and probably didn’t want to be left alone with me.  The Midol worked miracles…that time! GO MOM!

The was the early part of my journey into womanhood and the start of an ongoing battle with my lady parts.  Fast forward 15 years, several doctors, tons of lab tests, many missed school and work days, at least 7 hormonal birth control ‘remedies’, and far too many tears, bouts of anxiety and depression, missed periods, conversations about my body hating me, pain pill cocktails, miserable cycles to count, etc (because the list of symptoms grew and changed over the years)…I’ve started taking matters into my own hands.

Battle of Katrina vs Her Hormones: Round 2.  We’ll name this chapter of the journey: “forget the doctors and their stupid synthetic hormones, I’m going rogue!”

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