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Mental Health Monday: June Checjj

Happy Summer Family! New things are on the horizon🤩

Kala & I realized during our live that we are approaching our 1 year anniversary of starting our live chats. In honor of our launch in July 2020 we discussed the importance of minority mental health & our expansion to podcast forum.

Yall spoke & we are listening…Stay tuned next month as we launch CARE FOR THE CULTURE!! We’re so excited to continue to grow with you all, and we’re beyond grateful to have each of you in this community.

Katrina, Holistic Healing Arts Therapist


Kala, Yoga Psychotherapist


Manifesting M.E. Wellness is a Black woman-owned holistic wellness collective. The information provided in the videos on this channel are not a replacement for services with a mental health or wellness professional.

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Katrina (she/her) is a Holistic Healing Arts Therapist and Founder of Manifesting M.E. Wellness. She is a licensed mental health therapist, certified yoga teacher, and Reiki practitioner.

My Other Musings

Mental Health Monday: Perfectionism

We’ve got another mental health Monday for y’all today!!🤩

This month we’re talking about perfectionism. Anyone else a recovering perfectionist? 🙋🏽‍♀️🤫 Don’t worry, we accept you just the way you are! Join us on IG the last Monday of every month for our Mental Health Monday live chats with Kali @healerkali and Kala @benditlikelacy. They get into the what, why, how and even a little history of being Black and “perfect”. Share your thoughts with us below! 💙 #MentalHealthMonday @thewellhealing @manifestingmewellness


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Self-Care in the Wake of Nipsey Hussle’s Death

Our community has tragically lost yet another influential figure, mentor, strong black man, black body, neighbor, father, son, partner, friend, etc. (the list could go on because he was such a multifaceted being).  In the wake of this trauma we are reminded of the pain, grief, anger, trauma, fear, lack of safety and anxiety that re-emerges every time one of our own is taken from us.

And with that, safe spaces to process and heal are needed.  This list was created as a reference guide to some of the spaces, events and resources created in Los Angeles for processing and healing during this time.  Please note these may not be the only resources available. Continue reading “Self-Care in the Wake of Nipsey Hussle’s Death”

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Find Your Chill with Lavender Essential Oil

I recently started teaching a new yoga class series called Aroma Flow here in Los Angeles.  This is a trauma-informed restorative yoga class (I will get more into what that means in later posts) with essential oils.

My goal with this class (because yall know my Virgo brain always has a reason) is to provide a healing yoga experience that is focused on the breath rather than the body or physical abilities to allow the nervous system to relax.  Additionally, I’m on a mission to educate the community about the healing power of essential oils by providing a hands-on experience

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Intersectionality: Hood Living & Corporate White America Working

I recently had a conversation about the experience of being a Person of Color (POC) who grew up in and still lives in the hood but who is now an adult working in corporate white America.  The culture shock can be jarring when you realize that gun violence, police brutality, and broken homes caused by trauma aren’t commonplace.  It wakes you up to your reality.  It can cause you to see life in a whole new light. It is often the moment that brings us to the realization that we have become desensitized and numb.  It is sometimes the wake-up call that allows us to see our own persistent trauma and depression. Continue reading “Intersectionality: Hood Living & Corporate White America Working”

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I use this word a lot so I figured I would define it…


1 : Someone’s baggage (trauma, judgments, insecurities, behaviors and other undesirable feelings) which is typically unresolved and therefore is often projected onto others or becomes triggered by others

2 : Someone’s perceived positive attachments (feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions) towards situations, topics, people, or themselves that are often assumed to be shared by others

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My Manners Are Not an Invitation to Your Harassment! Part 2

In my last post I told y’all a story about a random man who was hitting on me while I was trying to give him directions to a job fair.  Well, after the incident occurred I posted about my experience on Facebook and now I’m back again to share a little follow up to that story.  Because naturally folks (let’s be honest…men) tried to come for me.  Yes…ME!

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You Can’t Tell Everyone Your Dreams

Y’all ever told somebody about a plan you have only to have them ask you a bunch of sideways questions that make you start questioning your own motivations?

I don’t have this experience often…maybe because I learned very quickly not to share or maybe because I’m to usually too anxious to share to begin with, but it happened recently and it was NOT a good feeling.

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