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3 Statements to Affirm Your Vision

Yesterday was the June Manifesting Sisterhood Women’s Circle and as always our members showed up in all their divine feminine magic!

Every June we renew the vision boards we created in December.  Doing so every 6 months helps us to review our goals and refocus.  This time we did affirmation vision boards to help combat whatever negative self-talk is getting in the way of goal achievement.

Here is mine…

We had candid conversations about our current challenges with reaching our goals, including internal and external barriers and complete with laughter as well as tears.

Each of us had our own sets of challenges.  I spoke candidly about the persistent imposter syndrome that creeps in when I’m offered or applying for opportunities to speak, see new clients, or teach.  Others spoke about feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, indecisiveness and lacking peace when things are out of their control.

In yesterday’s discussion, I identified 3 thought patterns which we reframed to assist with affirming our visions. Here are the results:

1.  You are perfectly imperfect and have everything you need!

This one is for the perfectionists (hi double Virgo here), the self-doubters, the self-love strugglers, and the comparison junkies!  When we live in feelings of lack about ourselves and doubts in our abilities we end up blocking our capacity to be productive and feel complete.  I can speak for myself and say that I spend so much time in imposter syndrome, saying all the ways I’m not good enough for opportunities that I miss out or find myself in stress because I can’t focus to get the work done (Self-fulfilling prophecy much?).  Another group member expressed feelings of lack impeding on her ability to love herself and feel confident in all areas of her life.  These doubts even cause us to seek external validation which can lead us to be more vulnerable to the criticism of others.  But here is the thing…it is our imperfections that make us unique and perfect.  Affirm that you are an infinite being and have everything you need at this moment and always.

2.  You CAN do both as long as you prioritize!

Have you ever had goals that seemed to conflict with one another?  Like you want to save money and buy a house but also you want to travel the world and go on new adventures.  This one is for you!  One of our members mentioned feeling she has to choose one goal over the other and often finds herself in conflict about where to go next.  In this scenario, if both goals are important to you then why can’t you have both?  Sometimes we are so fixed in our thoughts about how we want things to look or the timeframe in which we think they should happen that we limit our own vision.  Affirm that you are capable and deserving of both things and the universe will provide them in perfect form and timing.

3.  The results are NOT a reflection of who you are or the work you have done!

Sometimes the vision we have in mind is dependent on the thoughts, opinions, and decisions of others.  Like whether we will get hired for a job or approved for a loan.  When this is the case, we may often find ourselves living in fear of the results.  Thoughts may creep in that we have not done enough or are not worthy enough for things to go our way.  One member mentioned struggling with the unknown and worrying about feeling defeated if it does not go in her favor despite knowing she has worked hard and deserves to reach her goal.  If this is the case, create affirmations the work for both scenarios.  Affirm that you have done all that you can do and deserve to achieve your goal while also affirming that you are strong enough to manage whatever obstacles may come.  Affirm that you are at peace with the effort you put in as well as what is ahead on your journey.

Have you taken the time to refocus on your goals for the year?  Try these reframes on as if you have been feeling stuck.  6 months down means we are have way done and it is officially go time!

As always, I’m incredibly thankful to the women who show up in this space and open their hearts.  They fill me up with joy and teach me so much every time we meet.

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In Perfect Love,


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