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13 Day Mind, Body, Soul Cleanse

Hey y’all, spring is in full swing!

So yall know what that means!

That’s right..another round of our annual 13 Day Mind, Body, Soul Cleanse!

In Ayurveda (the sister system to yoga), spring is a great time for a cleanse.  While yoga focuses on quieting the body and mind and connecting to our soul, Ayurveda teaches us how to eat to care for my mind, body, and soul and keep them well.

Ayurveda focuses on the seasons and teaches us to make adjustments accordingly. A cleanse is recommended between seasons to prepare the body and prevent illness. In winter, our bodies become heavy because of the foods we eat and our environments. (Think cold weather, heavy soups & the need for more layers (yes…even physically) to keep the body warm.) This heaviness helps us survive and manage the winter months. In spring we work to release this heaviness to become ready for the warmer months.

The 13 Day Mind, Body, Soul Cleanse is rooted in this methodology however our cleanse is so much more than a food cleanse.

Cleansing your body is important however we sometimes forget to also cleanse other aspects of our lives, including our circles, environments and even our minds.

So let’s get to cleansing!

For 13 days I will post cleansing techniques to help you spring clean your life, including yoga poses, nutrition suggestions, and other lifestyle changes to help you clear out toxins and encourage renewal. These 13 days will in no way provide an exclusive list of all the ways you can cleanse the toxins from your life but it will give you a holistic overview to help you get the practice started.

Cleanse begins April 8, 2019. Sign up here to receive email reminders about the cleanse & an exclusive electronic guide of my favorite detoxing recipes.  Once you are registered, join us in the Actualize Your Healing Facebook group for daily discussions, live chats & opportunities to win wellness prizes!

Keep Manifesting,

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