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I use this word a lot so I figured I would define it…


1 : Someone’s baggage (trauma, judgments, insecurities, behaviors and other undesirable feelings) which is typically unresolved and therefore is often projected onto others or becomes triggered by others

2 : Someone’s perceived positive attachments (feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions) towards situations, topics, people, or themselves that are often assumed to be shared by others

A few notes on ‘stuff’:

  • Everyone has it
  • Projecting it on to others is a defense mechanism to cope with the unresolved feelings or as a result of an inability to see the point of view of others
  • It is does not have to be related to the person at which it is being projected
  • We often do not know when it will be triggered
  • It often explains someone’s exaggerated or seemingly over the top reaction within a conversation (both positive and negative)
  • It can often hinder connection if projected onto someone who does not share their feelings/thoughts

3 thoughts on “‘Stuff’”

  1. I usually say that they have issues, and if they appear to have allot of issues they have graduated to volumes of issues or just plain volumes. But I like “stuff”

    I have stuff.

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